Get Help


If you are in a life-threatening situation, call the police immediately. 

  • Main campus: call 202-687-4343 to reach the Georgetown University Police Department
  • Law Center: call 202-662-9325 to reach the Georgetown Law Department of Public Safety
  • SCS: call 202-907-3061 to reach Emergency Assistance at SCS-640 Mass Ave
  • Off-campus: call 911 to reach the Metropolitan Police Department

The police can provide protection from the assailant and can collect evidence and testimony for criminal charges.  

Confidential Help

If you need to speak to someone about sexual misconduct, confidential counseling resources are available on and near campus, such as:

Main & Medical Campus Students

  • Associate Director of Health Education Services for Sexual Assault Response and Prevention | (202) 687-0323 |
  • Staff Clinician, Sexual Assault Specialist| (202) 687-8932 |

All Students

  • Counseling and Psychiatric Services (CAPS) | (202) 687-6985; after hours please call (202) 444-7243 ask for the on-call CAPS clinician
  • DC Rape Crisis Center | (202) 333-RAPE (24/7 hotline)


  • Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) | (202) 687-2409 |
  • DC Rape Crisis Center | (202) 333-RAPE (24/7 hotline)

Information on Resources, Title IX, and Policies

If you are the survivor of sexual assault, harassment, stalking, or domestic/dating violence, or would like to help a friend or colleague, this website is desgined as a resource for you, please click on the tab to the left that applies to you, or visit any of the following links: