File a Police Report

All individuals who have experienced sexual misconduct may file an incident report with the Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) which will investigate the incident and report its findings to the appropriate University office; Georgetown Law Center students may file an incident report with the Georgetown Law Department of Public Safety (DPS). Survivors may also contact the Metropolitan Police Department.  The Deputy Title IX Coordinator or confidential counselors are available to assist in notifying the Metropolitan Police Department, GUPD, and DPS at an individual’s request.

Survivors may choose to pursue criminal action with the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).  The MPD and GUPD/DPS systems operate independently and the filing of a criminal complaint will not preclude individuals from pursuing a formal complaint process at the University or receiving academic, housing or work accommodations.  Pursuing criminal action for sexual assault is NOT required for a survivor to receive a forensic medical exam.  For more information on how to file a criminal complaint, please visit the Police page.  Confidential counselors and Deputy Title IX Coordinators are both available to assist students who choose to file a criminal complaint with the MPD.

Survivors who wish to file a criminal complaint or seek a protective order should consider taking steps to preserve evidence, as it may be necessary to the proof of criminal domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking, or in obtaining a protective order

  • Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD): Call (202) 687-4343

  • Georgetown Law Department of Public Safety (DPS): Call (202) 662-9325

  • Metropolitan Police Department (MPD): Call 911