How Can I Get Medical Assistance?

If you are the survivor of a sexual assault, many medical options are available to you on and off campus. An individual may choose to seek medical services at any time.  However, for evidence collection, disease and STD prevention, and better medical care, it is important to seek medical assistance as soon as possible. Confidential counselors are available to speak with you about medical options and/or accompany you to the hospital upon request. 

Urgent medical care is available from any hospital emergency room, a private medical doctor, or a clinic. As the home of the DC Forensic Nurse Examiners Program, MedStar Washington Hospital Center in Washington, D.C. provides the most comprehensive care for survivors of sexual assault.

If you choose to seek medical care, consider taking the clothes that you were wearing at the time of the assault with you to the hospital in a paper bag. Avoid storing the clothes in a plastic bag in order to preserve evidence. You should also bring a change of clothes.

Confidential counselors at Georgetown University are always available to talk about the options and resources available to you. 

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) Program at MedStar Washington Hospital Center

DC Forensic Nurse Examiners

MedStar Washington Hospital Center Emergency Department
110 Irving St, Washington, D.C.
On-Call Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (24/7) | (1-800) 641-4028
D.C. SANE Program Office (9:00 am -1:00 pm, M-F) | (202) 742-1736

As the home of the DC Forensic Nurse Examiners Program, MedStar Washington Hospital Center provides the most comprehensive care for survivors of sexual assault, including:

  • Evidence collection by nurses with specialized training

  • STI testing and treatment

  • Support services by victim advocates from DC Rape Crisis Center

  • Referrals to counseling and crime victim compensation

  • Follow-up care

Call the On-Call Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (24/7) to get a free Uber cab to MedStar Washington Hospital Center | (1-800) 641-4028

Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service (GERMS) 

Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service (GERMS) 

Village C West 206, Georgetown University
(202) 687-4357

GERMS provides free, emergency medical care and ambulance transportation to MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

Georgetown University Student Health Center 

Student Health Center

Darnall Hall Ground Floor, Georgetown University
(202) 687-2200

For medical care following an assault or follow-up care, you can make an appointment with Student Health during regular office hours.