Report Sexual Misconduct

Students who believe that they have been subject to sexual misconduct may choose (a) to report the incident to the University so that action can be taken by the University, including under the University’s disciplinary procedures; (b) to report the incident to the police; and/or (c) to not report the incident.  Reports may be made regardless of when the incidents occurred.  

Students who are unsure about whether they want to report may contact a confidential counselor.  Going to a confidential counselor does not foreclose the opportunity to make a report to the University or file a formal complaint at a later time. Confidential counselors can also help students understand what reporting options are available and assist with the process if they choose to file a formal complaint.

When reports are made to the Title IX Coordinator or the Deputy Title IX Coordinator, the University has the obligation to review all reports and respond appropriately.  

Reporting Options

Any student who wishes to report sexual misconduct may pursue several different options.

Title IX Coordinator 

School of Foriegn Service-Qatar students who wish to report sexual misconduct may notify the University’s Title IX Coordinator or the Deputy Title IX Coordinator for The School of Foriegn Students, Mary Anne Mahin: 

Mary Anne Mahin, Deputy Title IX Coordinator for the School of Foreign Service in Qatar

CHRO and Senior Advisor to the Dean

School of Foreign Service in Qatar

Phone: + (974) 3398-0054


The Coordinator will work with students who experience sexual misconduct to coordinate protective measures and other timely services, provide information about available resources, and explain the University policies on sexual misconduct and the University’s complaint process.