How Can the University Help?

confidential counselor can work with an individual who has experienced sexual misconduct to provide interim support, understand reporting options, and help coordinate reasonable protective measures to help prevent any detrimental acts related to the allegations of misconduct and provide a safe educational and work environment.  

Please Note: the range of interim measures varies and may include the following actions at the sole discretion of the University based on the circumstances. Requests for interim measures can be made whether or not you decide to file a complaint with the University or with the police.

Potential Interim Measures For Students:

  • No-contact notices (similar to a restraining order)
  • Modification of class schedules
  • Alternate housing arrangements
  • Academic modifications (such as paper extensions and alternative test dates)
  • Georgetown police escort | call (202) 687-4343
  • General safety planning

Students seeking such assistance should speak to their Deputy Title IX Coordinator or contact a confidential counselor.

Potential Interim Measures For Employees:

  • No-contact notices (similar to a restraining order)
  • Administrative leave for the survivor or accused
  • Modification of work schedules 
  • Georgetown police escort | call (202) 687-4343
  • General safety planning

Employees seeking such assistance should speak to their Deputy Title IX Coordinator or contact the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Affirmative Action.